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How To Get Shamed On TV By The World's Best Basketball Player

I'm actually sending this dude a nice, comforting fruit basket as we speak.

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Worst parts, in descending order:

5. The way this guy has his contrast cuffs turned up.

4. What he says to LeBron, which will forever be lost to history — I'd put a cool G on it being something like, "Hey, bro, give me some love."

3. How LeBron initially walks past the dude he's dapping and then TURNS BACK.

2. How you can watch this guy's eyes follow LeBron as he walks away.

1. The hand, hanging there, limp, isolated, forever alone.

Here it is in video form, so that you can hear the NBA TV commentators make fun of him AND relive it again.

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My condolences, dude.