How To Blatantly Cheat In The NBA

Amir Johnson got away with something that junior high refs would catch.

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Step 1: Be an NBA player. In this case, be power forward Amir Johnson, whose Toronto Raptors hosted the Portland Trail Blazers Wednesday night.

For a little added fun, let's compare the way the hometown and Portland commentators reacted. Portland's crew immediately realizes they just saw a miscarriage of justice.

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"That's a double-dribble!"

"Terry Stotts is saying, 'What in the heck.'"

"Yeah, they missed it completely — three refs out there, it's a double-dribble! ... How do you miss that? I mean, he double-dribbled!"

The Toronto commentators, meanwhile, not only waited a few beats before even mentioning the possibility — they had to see it again.

"Amir Johnson with a smile and a new look, by the way."

"I tell you what, Matt — I'd like to see that again. I think Amir got away with a little double-dribble right there!"

"And that's maybe why he was smiling back at the bench."

"If I'm not mistaken, he already used his dribble."