Holy Smokes Does Cam Newton Look Miserable

Dude… anything you want to talk about? Can I buy you a Sno-Cone?

1. Cam Newton is the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers and one of the league’s marquee up-and-coming players. And during an offseason press conference, Cam was videobombed by one of his linemen, Jordan Gross.

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2. Solid ‘bomb, but what’s most interesting here has nothing to do with Jordan Gross’s antics. Look at Cam Newton’s face. Cam Newton is rich and famous, a rising star. So why does he look… so sad?

4. And he doesn’t get any cheerier over the course of the videobomb.

5. Seriously dude, what’s up? Was Steve Smith mean to you? He can be pretty mean. Just ask Mark Sanchez.

It’s OK, Cam: Vernon Davis does both.

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