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    Hair Pulling Is Very Big In Sports Right Now

    Two incidents in two days? That makes a trend.

    In Monday's Nuggets-Grizzlies game, Denver led by two when Zach Randolph put up a shot. It bounced off the rim and, in the process of rebounding it, Kenneth Faried was fouled by Tony Allen.

    As Allen stumbled over Faried, he reached out and pulled on Faried's long hair. That resulted in a technical — and three free throws total — for the Grizz.

    A closer look complicates what happened. It kind of looks like Allen's hand just got caught in Faried's hair? But it also kind of looks like he yanked it? Either way, Faried was not happy.

    Here's video of the whole altercation. Bad form, Tony. Unless it was an accident. Then that's OK. (The Nuggets would go on to win the game, dealing Memphis only their second loss of the season.)

    The Allen-Faried hair-pulling incident comes only a day after John Phillips tackled Josh Cribbs by his hair. There isn't a lot of ambiguity here: he definitely tackles him by his hair.

    Phillips earned himself a 15-yard horse-collar-tackle penalty, but the Cowboys still won the game.