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    Former NBA All-Star Now Viciously Elbowing Dudes In China

    Tracy McGrady shows this guy why you don't taunt Tracy McGrady.

    Seven-time NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady is now plying his trade in China. At least one Chinese player isn't intimidated, though: here, he hits a three right in T-Mac's face.

    After making the shot, the dude taunts McGrady in the most obnoxious way possible: with a finger wag.

    Big mistake.

    T-Mac absolutely lays the guy out with an elbow to the chest, leaving him on the ground. Consider this a reminder that you should respect your elders.

    Any remorse from T-Mac? Helllllll no.

    Here's video of the whole thing. No word on whether McGrady was ejected from the game, though if this happened in the NBA, he'd be gone, suspended, and facing a fine.

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