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Flipping The Ball Behind Your Back Is A Great Way To Get Someone Out

Joey Votto real casually destroying hopes and dreams with his slick fielding.

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In Sunday's Reds loss to the Cardinals, Matt Carpenter hit what looked like a routine out right to Joey Votto. Joey Votto did not decide to make it routine.

Instead, Votto plucked it off the ground with his glove, transferred it to his throwing hand, and tossed it around his back to pitcher Mat Latos, who came to cover the bag.

Check that out again. When I try to throw behind my back, I'm lucky if goes in the same hemisphere I aimed at; Votto's toss is perfectly placed.

After grabbing it barehanded, Latos holds it up as if to say, "Yeah, I can't believe this happened either."

How did Votto respond? NO BIG, SON. Let's get on with this game, I've got impossibilities to render real.

Watch it in video form here.

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