Dogs Are Taking Over Baseball


Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Thursday night was Dog Night at Rangers Ballpark. There were 689 dogs there. Six-hundred and eighty-nine dogs. Here, we’ve ranked four cool dogs in ascending order of coolness.

4. The dog that escaped from the Puppy Parade.

The Puppy Parade around the warning track has begun. Closely followed by the scooper parade, I assume.— Keith Whitmire

Very rebellious dog. A free spirit. Yearns to be a Famous Dog.

Athletic, agile, creative. Ultimately foiled by the powers that be. One day, dog — one day.

3. Hugging dog. Very affectionate; form could use some work.

2. Scooter dog. An exemplary canine. Skilled, innovative. One small step for quadripeds; one giant wheeled cruise for living creatures.

1. And finally, the coolest: this guy. He doesn’t think he’s people: he’s just as good.

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