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Did Charles Barkley Call A Celtics Fan A "Fag"?

TNT claims he said "fan," but we're not so sure.

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Before TNT's broadcast of the Hawks-Celtics game, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley were bantering, as they are known to do. They started talking about a dude in the crowd dressed like a Celtics drum major, and a questionable interaction followed.

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Here's the transcript of their exchange:

Charles Barkley: "Please don't have no kids, man. You a damn idiot, dressing like that. Please don't have no kids."

Kenny Smith: "Celtics fan, baby."

CB: "Come on, man. He's dressed like a f--."

[Unknown]: "It's the same thing as putting on paint."

The question is, what did he say at the end? And who spoke that last line?

TNT spokesperson Nate Smeltz told USA Today that he said fan. But look at the conversation. Why would Barkley, after criticizing the guy's dress, respond to Kenny's defensive statement by first contradicting him and then repeating his exact words? Saying, "He's dressed like a fan" has no connection to his earlier claims that the guys shouldn't have kids and is dressed like a damn idiot.

However: if Barkley did say that last line also, then him having said "fan" might make a little more sense. I think Barkley said "fag," but it's impossible to tell for sure. Decide for yourself after listening to the video.