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Definitive Financial Proof That Tim Tebow Was A Disaster In 2012

Per yard, per carry, per pass — no matter how you look at it, Tim Tebow was not an efficient use of the New York Jets' money.

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At this point, it's no secret that Tim Tebow, who "played" his last game as a New York Jet last Sunday — 0 carries, 0 passes — was a complete disaster this season. But it still might surprise you to see how much he cost the Jets relative to how little he produced. The salaries of most backup quarterbacks can be reconciled by the fact that their coaches trust them to take over in the case of the starter's injury; because the Jets' staff showed that they did not trust Tebow to do that, you have to judge the situation based on what he did when he did appear briefly for the Jets in special circumstances. It is, apparently, all they were paying him for. (Tebow cost New York $3.6 million this year: $1.6 million paid to Tebow, $2 million payout to the Broncos.)


$81,818.18 per use of the word "Exciting" during introductory press conference.

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He said some variation of the word "exciting" 44 times.

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