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Cubs Grand Slam Results In Pantslessness And Dancing

Wrigley Field hosts a bacchanalia.

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In the third inning of Friday's Cubs-Diamondbacks game, Scott Hairston went yard for the QUADBOMB, my new nickname for grand slams. The QUADBOMB put Chicago up 6-2 in a game they'd ultimately win 7-2.

It also resulted in as close to a bacchanalia as you'll get in the bleachers at Wrigley Field. First, half a dozen men go scrambling over each other to get the ball, with one dude's shorts falling below the place his shorts should be.

And then: these two guys. Look at those moves. It's like if they filmed a biopic on Beyonce in which she was played by a John Travolta on meth. MOVE THOSE HIPS.