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    Posted on Dec 9, 2012

    Cam Newton Is Actually Superman, In GIFs

    Killer Cam's famous for his Superman touchdown celebration. But today, he busted out one play that made him look like the real deal.

    The Carolina Panthers had already taken a 16-0 lead over the conference-leading Atlanta Falcons when Cam Newton decided to step things up a notch.

    On a designed running play, the Panthers' super-athletic QB takes off, heading for the sideline.

    Newton manages to turn the corner and outrun the Falcons defense. Remember: he's a quarterback, and he still runs like this.

    With 20 yards to go, Cam leaves the last three defenders in a heap and dives into the end zone, finishing a 72-yard run.

    I mean, that flip is the coolest.

    And there it is: the Superman reveal. Goodnight, Atlanta.

    Here's the whole thing in one long GIF. Newton ended the day with 403 yards and 3 touchdowns rushing and passing.

    Check out the video below, made even better by Gus Johnson's hyperactive commentary.