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    Breaking Down The Most Allen Iverson Play Of All Time, In GIFs

    Apparently, Allen "AI / the Answer / that dude who played for the Nuggets and the Pistons" Iverson (Philly AI is long dead) participated in an exhibition game in China (with Jason Williams!) this weekend. In the process, he accomplished the single most AI play ever.

    It wouldn't be the most Allen Iverson play of all time if Allen Iverson didn't take the ball up the court.

    Fun fact: Allen Iverson is the only player to finish his career with a usage rate over 100%! (This is not true. This is also impossible.)

    Two players sort of half-assedly try to set screens for AI, then roll like, quarter-assedly. They know what's going to happen.

    AI gets isolation against his defender and goes to work.

    Even at 37, Iverson's still got the handles to absolutely ruin this dude's ankles. In the small case that those ankles haven't been irreparably damaged, they'll probably be too ashamed to ever crawl back to his body. "I'm sorry, rest of body. I know we messed up. Give us another chance."


    Of course, the ankle-breaking is only part of what makes it the most AI play of all time. It needs the right ending. It needs... this.

    Remember that time Allen Iverson won the MVP award during a season in which he shot 42%? Yeah. (In his defense, he did have score 40+ points in 17 games that season. Just... 42%.)

    So, recipe for an "Allen Iverson": glorious crossover; bricked 10-footer.

    AI's internal monologue: "Nononononononononono"

    Can some NBA team please put this guy on their roster?

    Seriously, Orlando — what do you have to lose?

    Here's the full video:

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