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    A Poor Elderly Gentleman Took A Football Right In The Face

    After scoring a touchdown, Rams receiver Danny Amendola spiked the ball, as players tend to do. Unfortunately, it took a bit of a bad bounce — into this dude's head.

    The Rams lost to the Vikings today, but they made a bit of a comeback in the fourth quarter. Part of that comeback was this Danny Amendola touchdown.

    It was a significant score for a player who has battled injuries all year, so Amendola spiked it: understandable. Unfortunately, it took a bit of a bad bounce.

    Let's slow that down. That. Really. Hurts. Hopefully this man is okay — that ball hits him pretty hard / fast.

    It broke his glasses, too. Poor guy.

    When Amendola scored again on a two-point conversion, he calmly handed the ball to another usher.

    Not sure if he thought it was the guy he hit earlier and was trying to make amends, or if he just didn't want to hit another dude, but either way, good decision.