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A Rogue Extra Player Was Just Discovered In A Twenty-Year-Old NBA Game

The Rockets and Supersonics were at the crucial juncture of a playoff Game 7. Then something truly strange happened.

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Back in 1993, the Houston Rockets were playing the Seattle Supersonics in a Game 7 second-round series that had gone to overtime. In 2012, you wouldn't expect a last-second missed shot in that game to be of much note. But ESPN writer Ethan Sherwood Strauss noticed something weird. He writes about it at length here; I decided to break down the clip to help illustrate what happened. It is weird. As. Hell.


As the Rockets' attempted game-winner bricks off the rim, Garland is actually not that far away from rebounding position. A slight change in the bounce of the ball and he could've had the rebound.

I was just trying to will us to win. Whatever we needed to do, whether it was cheering or helping up a teammate. That was my goal, probably, that was my purpose in walking on the floor.

Well, that makes no sense. Anyway, here's video of the play transpiring.


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