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    5'5" Football Player Dominates An NFL Playoff Game

    Just a reminder that size doesn't matter (when you're impossibly fast).

    This is Trindon Holliday, #11 on the Denver Broncos. He's 5'5". And he's a professional football player.

    Bob Leverone / AP

    You read that right; Holliday is FIVE FOOT FIVE.

    However, Holliday's diminutive height didn't stop him from single-handedly keeping the Broncos alive during their double-overtime playoff loss to the Ravens.

    Holliday took this punt 90 yards for a touchdown only two minutes and 30 seconds into the game, giving the Broncos an early 7-0 lead.

    He wasn't done.

    Holliday took the opening kickoff of the second half 104 yards for a score, giving Denver a 28-21 lead.

    Peyton Manning was as happy as you'd imagine, and he showed it by bouncing up and down like a happy child.

    Here's video of both plays.

    Holliday now owns the record for longest kick return AND longest punt return in NFL playoff history. Holliday might be going home, but he ended his season with a bang.