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25 Reasons You Should Be Following The NBA's Most Adorable Player On Twitter

To read Ricky Rubio's tweets is to be transported to a whimsical, happy place.

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1. He uses baggage carousels creatively.

2. He's an excellent basketball commentator/poet.

3. He's incredible at HORSE.

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube

4. He never forgets Mother's Day.

5. He has hilarious taste in movies.

6. He and Kevin Love are the NBA's Batman and Robin.

7. He'll teach you about the strains in Spanish-Mexican relations.

8. He has the most adorable weightlifting sessions ever.

9. He stays happy even during tough times. :)

10. He lets us in on weird inside jokes about #SoapParties

11. He teaches us how to go shopping.

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12. He supports people who masturbate in public.

13. He trolls his teammate Mike Beasley.

14. He pranks Mike Beasley.

15. He loves playing Angry Birds with Mike Beasley.

16. He looks like Jesus, according to Anthony Tolliver.

17. He respects his elders.

18. He's festive.

19. He has a SICK home theater.

20. He doesn't get a haircut without proper investigation.

21. He's got jokes.

22. He'll put you in your place if you don't know who Messi is.

23. He takes care of his teeth. #dentisttime

24. He and his friends will barbecue for you.

25. He knows what everybody's talking about: wolves.

BONUS: He's still learning English!