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23 People Who Think The Lakers' New Coach Is Named "Mike Dan Tony"

The Lakers hired Mike D'Antoni, formerly of the Suns and Knicks, to be their new head coach. It's a tricky name to spell.

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Say hi to Mike D'Antoni. Before being kicked to the curb by the R-rated buddy comedy that is James Dolan and Carmelo Anthony, Mike D'Antoni coached the Knicks and, more successfully, the Phoenix Suns. With the Suns, D'Antoni and point guard Steve Nash led one of the greatest offenses the league has ever seen, and with the two reunited in Los Angeles — plus Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, and Pau Gasol — basketball nerds are ecstatic. (For more on why this is smart, read this.)

There's one coach who's even better than Mike D'Antoni, though. Mike Dan Tony.

No human being in history has been named Mike Dan Tony, except for me after I legally change my name to Mike Dan Tony later today.

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