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14 Photos Of Justin Bieber Balling Out With Floyd Mayweather

We've headlined each one with a rhyme submission for the Biebs. Consider this my official audition to be his ghostwriter.

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1. "Diamond studs in my ears / cost more than your house do / I have twelve houses / come visit when you want, boo."

2. "When I say I'm hanging with 50 / I'm really hanging with 50 / we drink Vitamin Water together, / our whole friendship is nifty."

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3. "Pompadour slick like an oil spill / trill leather keeping me from getting chills."

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4. "Thick eyebrows, two belts and a grin on my face / I'ma brush my teeth because it's getting pretty late."

5. "Money on my shoulders / can't see my holsters / Keep my water guns there / Hit you with my Super Soakers."


6. "Pacific Ocean rhymes / flow wavy like my hair be."

7. "I say 'Yuriyorkis Gamboa,' you're like 'Who's that' / I'm like, 'Man, I don't know,' and then I go and have a snack."

8. "When I want to look tall / I stand next to little Weezy / he sounds like a gremlin / and he smells like a pharmacy"

9. "Friends with a boxer and two rappers and some other dude / Other dude cool, Floyd's friends be my friends too."

10. "Floyd's a friend of mine / we go sailing every month / he lets me eat shrimp / until he says I've had enough."

11. "Bag man, more like swag man / gold man, studded belt Stan."

12. "Floyd's smiley, his money pile growing like it's ivy / Bunch of guys in the background, think they might be eyeing me."

13. "Fish on my chain / Like I'm the pop-music Jesus / call this the Sermon from the Ring / tweeting pictures of my breakfast."

14. "So much gold on my belt / Ron Paul wants to veep me / Rand Paul wants my autograph / Paul Ryan wants to meet me."