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    10 GIFs Of The NBA's Greatest Peerleader

    There are cheerleaders, and then there are peerleaders: the players whose main job is to sit on the bench and celebrate. Robert Sacre is an All-Star peerleader.

    1. Robert Sacre is a rookie center on the L.A. Lakers. He's only played 19 minutes so far this season, but in a way, that's good, because it leaves him more time to do what he's best at: PEERLEADING.

    2. Robert Sacre cheers for the Lakers harder than anyone else in the stadium, including the players' moms.

    3. His style's halfway between tribal ritual and seizure-ish flailing; part of his goal is to work the rest of the bench into a frothing frenzy as well.

    4. This one's great because everyone else stays seated while Sacre goes HAM. Eventually the guy on the opposite end of the bench stands up too; maybe it's a poles thing?

    5. Here, the Nets' Gerald Wallace is standing in front of Sacre. When he moves, a peerleading angel comes forth.

    6. You can picture him saying "HIYA!" over and over.

    7. I...I don't even know!

    8. WOAHHHHoooooooohhhhhhaaaaaaHHHHHHOOOOOOOAAAAAA

    9. Seriously, he's just karate-chopping the air like a basketball-playing Bruce Lee.

    10. Robert Sacre: a real American hero.

    Here's the video tribute to Sacre's exploits, soundtracked by Duck Sauce's "Barbara Streisand," except with one little difference.

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