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10 Reasons You Shouldn't Give Up On Being A Nursing Major Through The Eyes Of Friends

Trying to be a nursing major can be extremely stressful, and sometimes we just need some comedic distraction

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1. Because having your friends tell you "You brought this pain upon yourself" never gets old! / Via

You know you chose this life, but sometimes you wish you didn't.

2. Because one day you'll be able to examine patients with cool medical cases like Joey Tribbiani examines boobs / Via

What future nurse doesn't look forward to one of a kind cases?

3. Because when all your studying pays off, that moment you get to relax is the best feeling in the world / Via

Enjoy that .3 seconds you have to relax! It'll be gone faster than you can say gastrocnemious

4. Because that look you get after countless hours in the library is super cute

Don't worry, 10hr sessions in the library and 3 trips to starbs later makes you look like a beauty queen!

5. Because being tested on 506 muscles in one week is buckets of fun!

It's fine, you'll remember where your sartiorius is but you won't remember what you had for breakfast...or if you even had breakfast

6. Because the nursing pre reqs are easy! / Via

3 sciences, 2 labs, and all the other non major related crap to top it off, EASY!`

7. Because that feeling of "you did it" will never get old. / Via

Be proud of your small accomplishments because they will lead to bigger ones

8. Because being a nursing major is a love hate relationship.

You'll love being a nurse one day, but you wonder everyday why you decided to enter the shit storm that is nursing

9. Because making up dances and rhymes about the body just to pass Anatomy makes studying super fun! / Via

If you don't make up songs and catchy sayings are you even a nursing student?

10. Because when you finally get into nursing school all the pain will be worth it!

Remember, all the work you put in will pay off in the end when you achieve your goal!

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