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Construction Moms - The Inside Story

Looking into the lives of women in the construction business

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Construction Moms - The Inside Story

Ever come across the general dismissive nod and the snarky commentary that construction work is just ‘man’s work’? Truth be told we aren’t too surprised with that one. Nah, not really. Construction is indeed a male dominated world and nearly 95% of the construction workers in the country are men. But nowadays more often than not we hear of women increasingly trying to break down barriers to fields once dominated by men. So it’s time we press pause on all the stereotypes out there and take a good long look at the lives of some of the construction moms who had enough guts to blow off the naysayers right into oblivion.

Women in working boots?

Stephanie Hall, 40, project manager for D.A.G. Construction in Cincinnati says that even with her super cool wolverine boots and work hat people still mistake her for the site secretary more often than not.

Another 40 year old construction mom, Wendy Beaver, says that she has to drive many miles to get to work after dropping her daughter off at school but that at the end of the day she still feels ‘great’ when she thinks about all the ways she is helping to rebuild her hometown New Orleans.

“You carry your own tools; you do everything men do,” says Pat Walker, mother of three, currently working as a craft resource and safety manager for Welbro Building Corp. in Maitland, FL and who also happens to be the president of the National Association of Women in Construction Education Foundation.

For many construction moms the hectic work schedule, the snide remarks and the wolf whistles all seem worth it when their kid looks at them in awe and points at a building they’ve built saying ‘mommy built that’

It’s all about teamwork

Everyone needs to pitch in and great comradeship is what makes construction a genuine success.

Honestly who better to teach us a thing or two about teamwork than a mom right?

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