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11 Reasons Why A Guy Best Freinds Is Worth Having

Sometimes you are just one of the guys!

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1. He prefers a face to face conversation instead of over text!

No matter what you have to tell him, he rather let you call him, or meet up to talk!A Text maybe more convenient and faster, but a guy much rather see your emotions, and hear your tone to make sure what mood you are in when you are talking.

2. He will always open to introducing you to his other guy friends

Even though he knows that there is always that one friend from his group,that will make it awkward between you two assuming you guys like each other. He will still call you up to hang out with him and his crew, since you are now part of his life as well.

3. He will always be up for getting food!

No matter what your craving is, Pizza, Burger, McDonald fries, if you need someone to go with you, your guy best friend will be up for the job, and won't judge you for how much you eat, because he might just eat more, and you won't judge him.

4. He is up for anything YOU wanna do when it's a boring day!

Even though it's a boring day, if you call him up, and tell him to come over, he would be expecting to do what YOU wanna do instead of what he wants to do. He might even invite you over to his place if he knows that you need someone to hang out with.If both of you are not having a slightest clue of what to do, you guys will always have a movie you both love, or a movie or show you would love to introduce them to so you both have something NEW to talk about.

5. He is your best adventure partner!

It doesn't matter where you wanna go! Out of state, to another town that's an hour away, if he's free and you say "let's go on a adventure" expect him to be ready. If he cares about you as a friend he will also care about your happiness, and your goals. As you guys are on the adventure together, you guys will also find new things about each other

6. He is the BEST comfort when it comes to a broken heart! and he will do anything to PROTECT you from it again!

Along with the face to face conversation. If you just went through a bad break up he will be the one to tell you what you are worth, and tell you that you are beautiful, and deserve better. He is the one that makes you gain hope in guys again, and make you see what a guy sees when they look at you.

7. He is the best listeners when you are having a bad day!

When he sees that you are upset, he is not afraid to ask you what's wrong, and if you tell them something is bothering you, he will listen to you, and try to help you. Even if it's something that only a girl would understand, but if he cares that much he will be wanting to hear what is wrong and what he can do to help you

8. The best of both worlds!

Yes he's a guy, and you're a girl, but that does not mean that you guys can't introduce new things to each other. Don't be embrace and show what you love, and make him love it as well, if he doesn't then that does not mean that he will judge you. Just like how he would be wanting to show you something new, go with it, and see if YOU like it, if not, then OH WELL!

9. He doesn't care if you are having a "messy hair don't care day" or "No make up day"

He maybe a guy, but who says you get all dressed up for a guy anyways. He doesn't care if he shows up and you are still in your PJ's or you're just lazy and is wearing sweats, and hair up in a bun. If he was really your best friends he would seen you at your worst, and at your best.

10. He's a BLESSING! <3

Every girl dreams about their prince charming and always saying "I need a guy in my life" but as a boyfriend, I get it. But Sometimes you have to sit back and look at your guy best friend and think... WOW! I am blessed to have you and I hope that my future boyfriend will learn to treat me the way you treated me through friendship. I also pray the girl you start to date will treat you the way I treat you through friendship, and that you find someone who actually deserves you, just like how you hope I find someone who deserves me... But at times, you start to develop feelings for each other, and I am telling you now... CONFESSING actually doesn't change much, at least you know you treated someone you like in the right way, and that can go far!

11. He will protect you!

No matter what situation you are in or where you are, he will always be there to make sure you are safe, and no harm will come to you. This is when he will most likely act either like a older brother or a boyfriend, but either way, appreciate it.

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