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These Delicious Ice Cream Flavors Will Take You Right Back To Your Childhood

Life is too short to settle for boring ice cream.

Picture this: You're 9 again. It's a hot summer afternoon. You and your friends just finished playing a vigorous game of tag and are now lying out in the grass, trying to catch your breath as the sun beams down on you.

Suddenly, you remember:

You run inside, grab the ice cream tub and some cones, and in no time at all, bellies are happy and faces are splattered with colorful ice cream stains.

Fast-forward to now. You still love ice cream, but you don't indulge as much as when you were a kid. And when you do, it's usually a pretty tame flavor (no judgement, vanilla slaps.)

Well guess what? The weather's warming up again, which means it's time to reawaken your inner ice cream fanatic! And the only way to do 9-year-old you any justice is by indulging in some super fun flavors.

Look no further than your local Kroger! Kroger Brand whipped up some fun, delicious new flavors that will get you excited about ice cream again.

If you were totally obsessed with cotton candy, you'll adore Mermaid Sparkle. It features blue cotton candy ice cream all dressed up with glitter swirls and candy pieces.

Oh, and PB&J. It's a total classic that is beloved by many, and now, you can fall in love with it all over again — but in ice cream form!!!

They didn't stop there, though. You can rediscover all the flavors you loved as a kid with Watermelon Chocolate Chip, Ooh La Llama, Unicorn Swirl, and Brookie!

You may not be a kid anymore, but you should always experience the joy of great ice cream.

Explore the Kroger Brand exclusive summer flavors today!