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9 Fresh Fruit Cocktails To Try When The Weather Gets Warmer

Get your daily dose of fresh fruit with these tasty cocktails from Kroger.

1. Jalapeño and Blackberry Cocktail

Glasses of Jalapeño and Blackberry Cocktails served on a tray surrounded by cut limes.

2. Sangria Watermelon Slush

Sangria Watermelon Slush served in stemless wineglasses with slices of watermelon.

3. Strawberry Lime Tequila Punch

Pitcher and glasses of Strawberry Lime Tequila Punch.

4. Raspberry-Rum Piña Colada Punch

Two tall glasses filled with Raspberry-Rum Piña Colada Punch and pineapple garnish.

5. Fruit and Ginger Sangria

Pitcher and glasses filled with Fruit and Ginger Sangria.

6. Raspberry Rosé Cocktail

Stemless wine glasses filled with frozen Raspberry Raspberry Rosé Cocktail next to a rose.

7. Strawberry Peach Tea Cocktail

Mason jars filled with Strawberry Peach Tea Cocktail with strawberries and peaches in the background.

8. Sparkling Strawberry Rose Sangria

Large pitcher of Sparkling Strawberry Rose Sangria on a copper tray.

9. Cherry Lime Vodka Slush

Two round glasses filled with Cherry Lime Vodka Slush, served with lime slices and straws.

All images courtesy of Kroger.

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