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Which Member Of The K Squad Are You

Kiera, Kelsey, or Kristin!

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  1. What kind of music do you like to sing?

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    anything that involves belting face
    i am a fully blooded AT
    Legit so Sibella/Sarah Brown but also anything Laura Osnes
    the bootylicious riff
  2. Where are you from?

    "Kentucky! ....and Shostakovich is Saratoga"
    an irrelevant suburb
    i live on talcott mountain
    preppy suburb
  3. How good are you at makeup?

    my highlight puts everyone to shame
    freshmen at hartt don't perform I haven't touched makeup since my last show
    i do my makeup and look put together every day
  4. What do people make fun of you for?

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    being really fucking competitive i will slit ur throat
    being too much like Joanne from Vanities
    your constant vocal fry
    your southern accent
    barely singing in MTCL
  5. Dinner time!! What are you eating at commons?

    salad with chick peas or just lettuce maybe ill just go back to my room and microwave a sweet potato
    a pretty balanced meal, maybe a dessert if i want it
  6. How would you describe your style?

    flannels, leggings, and converse i just love urban ok
    sweats, blacks, and my Hartford hat
    lulu lemon, heeled booties, anything from anthro!
  7. Are you a triple threat?

    i can sing, i can act, and i'm hangin' onto ballet 1.5
    the MTs can't act but I can #AT #actingbone #evolution
    i can't dance for shit
  8. How organized are you?

    Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF
    i literally cannot see my floor
    i can git a little messy as long as my room still has a nice aesthetic!
    can i clean your room? please????imayhaveaproblem?????
    i am sometimes but i just don't care enough
    there can be a couple things out of place and i'll be fine
  9. Where are you living next year?

    @ home because I am intelligent and I will save a shit ton of money
    with Katherine, Lexi, and Kristin!!11! #FRUIT
    Off campus with a few people
  10. Does David Watson like you?

    i'm one of his favorites #chosenone
    yes except for that one time he flipped a complete shit on me
    no because I can't fucking trigger
  11. Do people pronounce your last name right?

    yes! cocks!
    never, people love fucking it up
  12. Which upperclassmen can you be seen with at a party?

    Laura Axelrod
    Gregory Rodriguez
    Matt Werner
  13. 20 minutes into the party. How gone are you?

    kinda...just finishing up having a few (flirtatious) conversations!
    i am on the floor and have been since 5 minutes in also theres a chance that I am crying but i dont get hangovers so i dont care
    waiting for the brownie to hit
  14. What were you for Halloween?

    Wednesday Addams because I'm dead inside
    Poison Ivy but my mom made me pin the v-neck in my romper so it was more appropriate
    a slutty Bellatrix complete with Kelsey's skirt and 3 inch heels
  15. Hobbies include:

    performing for your roommate's snapchat story
    going to the practice rooms at 11 on a friday night
    tai chi and netflix
    eating edibles
    flirting with your RA and complaining about your roommate
    crying about viragh
  16. do u smoke weed

    yeah sometimes
    "Ganja is for goons, no thanks"
  17. What's one word that describes you?


Which Member Of The K Squad Are You

You got: kiera

Yesss!!! You are the sassiest bitch out there! You are the epitome of an AT- you hate MTCL and love tai chi. You enjoy having a good time and watching netflix on the reg. Even though you're kind of dead inside, you are hilarious and your highlight slays the game! You may want to be a little less competitive, but you're pretty cool the way you are. See you around in your sweats and Hartford hat!

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You got: kel z

Congratulations! You are the flirtatious one with the boho style, nice aesthetic, and great last name. You love eating healthy, your future roomies (#fruit), and your hometown, Lousiville, Kentucky. David Watson loves you and you have a gorgeous legit voice! People make fun of you for being like Joanne from vanities and having an accent but stay strong. Next time someone sees you, you'll probably be with Gregory!

kel z
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You got: k weiss

Kristin Woose/Was/Wis! You're the chill one who wears flannels and eats pizza every day. You basically live on Talcott mountain cus you're from Simsbury and you can be overheard complaining about your roommate. Even though you're a neat freak, you can belt your face off so that's cool. You joke about being a dancer first cus ur obviously not and have developed a rep for being gone about 5 minutes into the party! Good luck'll need it!

k weiss
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