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Zayn Malik Wants You To Leave Minions Alone


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There's a very concerning hate campaign happening right now, and in case you were blissfully unaware, approximately 97% of human beings hate Minions.

roses 🌹are red 🔴❤️ minions are yellow⚠️🔱, when i see minions😷 i want to say Hello👋🏻👋🏿 to the God of death💀💀 ! , please kill me👸🏽🔫🔫💀💀💀💀please

And these anti-Minions people have zero chill.


I mean, should the movie have toned down its marketing plan by about 18 notches? Yes. Sure. Probably.

But concerned citizen Zayn Malik was just recently made aware of the extreme hatred happening all across globe.

Didn't realise the hate for minions was this real fuck these aliens got it bad

And now it's time to turn your hate into love, because Zayn has spoken.

I have minions on my jumper and there sick .. #Don'tmesswithminions


I hate minions but I did this for you @zaynmalik

Thank you, Zayn.

me: i HATE minions destroy them ALL- zayn: #Don'tmesswithminions me: