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27 Times Life Was Better Because Ed Westwick Exists

~We're all about that Bass~.

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3. When he was the country club prince of your Pinterest wedding board dreams:

4. When he wished us all a happy holiday while galavanting slowly through the freshly fallen snow:

Baby, it's cold outside. Happy holidays!!


5. When he did this and you volunteered to be his hand in your next life:

6. When he rocked that just-outta-bed-feelin-sexy selfie:

7. When he was FEELING HIS LOOK:


11. When he made you want to crawl right up inside of that hoodie with him:

12. When he invited you to come spend a day cuddling away your sorrows:

13. When his jaw line was so sharp and sexy it could slice through steel:

15. When he was ready to hand-feed you your favorite dessert:


16. When he was being adorable with children and making your ovaries weak af:

17. When he enjoyed a late-night cereal snack — the true key to happiness in life:

19. When he showed off his latest prized possession:

20. When he made these priceless shirts that every single human on this earth should own:

My friends mom took 'me' on vacation😂


21. When he stared out into the abyss looking like a beautiful marble statue while thinking of *you*:

22. When he proved you'll never go hungry when you're hangin' with Westwick:

23. When he showed off his #intellectual side:

24. When he was feeling his look again!!


25. When philosopher Westwick gave you your new life mantra:

26. When he greeted you like a fine, tall glass of water:

27. When he was living his best life, being ~one with nature~:

At one with nature. The bluebells.Chilling in the forest. #chilling

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At one with nature. The bluebells.Chilling in the forest. #chilling

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