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    Posted on Oct 23, 2017

    21 Tweets Everyone Who's Obsessed With "Riverdale" Will Relate To

    "If homeboy lives in Riverdale, has red hair, & is Archie Andrews...homeboy is gonna like...get it."


    can i not go to school on thursday? "sorry ms davis but riverdale aired last night & my doctor said that i need at least 24 hrs to recover"


    If homeboy lives in Riverdale, has red hair, & is Archie Andrews ... homeboy is gonna like... get it.


    I'm a simple man. I see the words "RIVERDALE" and "good" in the same tweet, I smash that mfing retweet button.


    a book club but for discussing Riverdale every thursday morning


    riverdale starts again tomorrow so i’m gunna be more annoying for the next 3 months, sorry


    can riverdale be on everyday w a new episode bc i need to know who tf hurt my baby archie’s dad


    I could write the speech I’m supposed to have done by tomorrow, I could wash my hair, I could eat, ooooorrrrrr I could watch Riverdale


    riverdale is back TOMORROW I can't wait to be annoyed by archie until he takes his shirt off then I'll forget he's riverdale's troy bolton


    my only hope for riverdale season two is that everyone will stop pretending anybody gives a shit about archie's music


    Season 2 of Riverdale starts back soon and if you think I’m going to log on to my ex’s Netflix to watch it your abs…


    I only have two moods and they are both Camila and Asha in this picture. #Riverdale


    Things I need to do: Study for 3 tests Clean my room Pack for trip Workout What I’m doing right now: Watching my 3rd episode of riverdale


    If I were to create a piechart of what takes up my time, at least 65% of it would be “watching Riverdale cast interviews.”


    I couldn’t manage to clean or do homework but I did manage to watch the whole first season of riverdale


    I started watching Riverdale last night and I really wasn't ready. The teens were so hot and cool.


    @WriterRAS @CW_Riverdale @lilireinhart @CamilaMendes @colesprouse @iamamurray @CaseyCott @madelainepetsch…


    I just read a piece on Riverdale that referred to the show as one long Lorde music video, and you know what? You know what? Fair


    at my little brother’s homecoming and none of these high school students look anything like the characters off of Riverdale


    riverdale in a nutshell: a bunch of physically perfect teenagers solve mysteries and have sex


    *Grundy shows up just to be killed off* #riverdale #riverdaleseason2 Me:


    riverdale makes me want to sip on a milkshake in an old fashioned diner where they deliver my burger on rollerscates idk just a thought bye

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