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    Posted on Oct 27, 2016

    Welp, "PLL" Is Officially Done Forever And I'm Sobbing

    "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

    Last night officially marked the end of an era with a series wrap on our beloved show Pretty Little Liars.

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    As you can probably imagine, it was all really damn emotional.

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    The entire cast and crew shared the final celebratory/sad moments on set, and here are just a few that'll make your heart break.

    🚨 Warning: GRAB SOME TISSUES. 🚨

    Ashley Benson said farewell in her tragically empty dressing room.

    Lucy Hale documented her final moments with her on-screen dad...

    So happy my last scene was with one of the kindest people I've ever known. Love you chaddy! @ichadlowe

    ...her forever love...

    This guy made my job and life so fun. Thank you @IANMHARDING for being you. Cherish you always.

    ...and queen Marlene.

    My love for this woman knows no bounds. Marlene- you changed my life. This isn't goodbye for us ❀️❀️ @imarleneking

    Ian Harding said so long to his character...

    ...and his other Ezria half.

    Shay Mitchell was in major mourning (same)...

    Can't... stop... crying. I know I need to celebrate this amazing show and not mourn it- but that just seems too hard right now... 😭

    ...and full of gratitude for Rosewood.

    Troian Bellisario said goodbye to her home for the past seven years.

    Janel Parrish reflected on her first ever episode as Mona...

    ...and gave all her thanks to Marlene.

    Tyler Blackburn marked the end of an era as Caleb.

    And I. Marlene King wrote a final goodbye letter for their Rosewood High yearbooks (an insanely cool wrap gift the cast and crew got) that'll make you weep.

    πŸ’– 😭 πŸ’˜

    In case that wasn't enough to make you sob for the next 72 hours, here are a few Snapchat videos documenting their final moments.

    Like Ezria embracing...

    Lucy and Ian holding each other as PLL officially wraps. 😭😭

    ...Janel saying a very heartwarming thank you...

    ...and this emotional, final wrap on all of the Liars.

    Thank you, PLL, for seven incredible, amazing, terrifying, panic attack-inducing years.

    See you all for the final 10 episodes in April!

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    😭 😭 😭

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