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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Completely In Love With "The Good Doctor"

    "Hey bae what would you like for Christmas?" "I would like for Shaun Murphy to be happy and at peace."

    1. The perfection that is Shaun Murphy:

    2. This ultimate truth:

    3. This moment that made you melt into a puddle of tears:

    4. This glimpse into your brain:

    5. This important mood:

    6. Every time the gift of Monday rolls around:

    7. This uplifting truth:

    8. This very accurate reality:

    9. When this realization happened:

    10. This undercover glimpse into your soul:

    11. Every time your heart feels like it's on fire:

    12. This extremely important statement:

    13. This beautiful family motto:

    14. This secret truth:

    15. The roller coaster of emotions you feel every damn episode:

    16. Every time this happens:

    17. This constant state of feeling:

    18. Every time someone mentions Shaun's name:

    19. And this live look at you watching every single episode: