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    The Original Cast Of "Spring Awakening" Reunited For A Beautiful Reason


    If you're anything like me, you probably saw Spring Awakening approximately two to seven times during its Broadway run. The show and cast were so incredible it was impossible to not immediately buy tickets and return again, and again, and again.

    nothing makes me cry more than @LeaMichele referencing Spring Awakening, the musical of the decade 😭💔

    Or maybe you were equally as addicted to the original cast recording, where it took up residency in your car's CD player back in 2006.

    Either way, it was a show that affected you to your core.

    if somebody told me at age 16 how much time I’d be spending still thinking about Spring Awakening at age 26.... I’d believe you. Absolutely.

    And now, in the year of 2018, our beloved original cast of Spring Awakening reunited — and the reason they did will make your heart burst.

    As Lea wrote on Instagram, the cast reunited to work with students from Stoneman Douglas on their production of Spring Awakening down in Florida:

    Myself, and my dear friends, the original broadway cast of Spring Awakening, had the pleasure of working with some of the Stoneman Douglas students and their other cast members at the Boca Black Box theater in Florida yesterday on their production of Spring Awakening. What a moving and inspiring night. ❤️

    And you can even watch a quick video of the students and the cast rehearsing "All That's Known" on Lea's Instagram story, which might definitely make you weep:

    To see them A: reunite after all these years, and B: reunite for such a powerful reason, is truly heart-melting. ❤️

    PHOTOS: Last night in Boca Raton, actors @LeaMichele and Jonathan Groff offered advice and support to Stoneman Douglas students appearing in a new production of "Spring Awakening."

    And now I'll be listening to "My Junk" on repeat for the remainder of the day. Bye!