21 Taylor Swift Tweets That Prove She's Always Said What You Were Thinking

    Girl has been ~relatable~ from the start.

    1. When she knew the importance of cereal and that it deserves its very own party:

    2. When she understood the true allure of furniture:

    3. When she valued a good binge-watching sesh:

    4. When she truly understood the importance of froyo:

    5. When she also thought every single creak, whoosh, or slight bump in the night was someone coming to kill you:

    6. When she knew the struggle of being an impulsive shopper:

    7. When she understood that sometimes you just gotta work with what you have:

    8. When she succumbed to the emotional heartbreak that only a sad commercial can force upon you:

    9. When she ~lived it up~ on a wild Friday night:

    10. When she fangirled over her pre-teen crushes:

    11. When she knew the daily eye-rolling struggle of being sassed by a parent:

    12. When she truly understood the struggles of life without 20/20:

    13. When she had no shame about her food game:

    14. When she knew that sometimes small goals are the biggest accomplishments:

    15. When she called out one of life's biggest faults and mysteries:

    16. When she understood the whole, "I want to have fun but I can't leave my bed" thing:

    17. When she knew about that late-night sweet tooth struggle:

    18. When she explained her very complex and rational problem solving technique:

    19. When she understood one of life's greatest weaknesses:

    20. When she could relate to the constant struggle of a rogue hair tie:

    21. When she knew the best ingredients for a perfect Saturday night:

    Taylor Swift is you. You are Taylor Swift.