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Taylor Swift's Curly Hair Is Back, What A Time To Be Alive

Queen of curls.

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Back in country-Taylor-Swift days, she was known for her iconic curly hair.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

In fact, she's had her long, curly blonde locks for most of her career.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
GABRIEL BOUYS / Getty Images

But as we all already know, in the past few years she not only chopped her hair short, but also mostly wore it straight.

Obviously, she looks flawless no matter how she styles her hair. But this past weekend, she rocked her old-school curly locks that we haven't seen for quite some time.

Taylor went to Karlie's birthday party in The Hamptons last night and had curly hair!! 😍😍

Like, some serious Speak Now- and Fearless-era curls.

Another photo of Taylor with curls! #TaylorsCurlsAreBack (via @tvonortas)

And naturally, people are freaking out.

Taylor Swift just curled her hair and the fandom is shook

yep 👸 @taylorswift13 💃 we're freaking out about the curls and the curly hair hairflip 😍 💞 #TaylorsCurlsAreBack

Here she is again rocking her ~au naturale~ hair today.




Is this the return of Curly Hair Taylor???

Either way, it's perfection.

Keep slaying, queen.

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