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    This Is Why Taylor Swift Threw Camila Cabello A Birthday Party

    And it will make you love Taylor even more.

    Fifth Harmony's powerhouse vocalist Camila Cabello recently celebrated her 18th birthday. But unlike you and I, she celebrated the occasion with a party thrown by Taylor Swift.

    Which is pretty incredible seeing as Camila has listed Swift as her idol for the past few years.

    And it seems like she still can't wrap her head around the fact that she now calls Taylor Swift an actual friend of hers.

    We'd act the same, tbh.

    But the best part of the whole thing is how the party actually came to happen. Being a proper friend, Taylor texted Camila to wish her a happy birthday:

    But Taylor was *not* satisfied with Camila's lack of birthday fun:

    So she did what any good friend would do β€” she threw her a party and invited a bunch of people to make it amazing:

    And, obviously, she even bought her favorite food:

    And now Taylor has officially been crowned Most Likely To Throw You A Surprise Party When You Need It Most:

    Ah, ~friendship~. It's a beautiful thing.

    See Camila and the rest of Fifth Harmony dish about it all in the clip below:

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