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    Aug 4, 2015

    These Taylor Swift-Inspired Cakes Are Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

    You are in love (with cake).

    Taylor Swift fans would likely agree with the sentiment that birthdays would be even better if queen T.Swift was a part of them.

    Sadly, we can't all have Swift by our side helping us blow out the candles, but these cakes just might be the next best thing.

    I thought, what could be better than combining two things I love — music and cake! I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift's music, so I have had so much fun creating this series.

    Like this perfect "Blank Space" cake:

    To show off your long list of ex-lovers:

    This beautiful, beaming "Welcome to New York" cake, which is exactly what everyone should be served when they step off the plane at JFK:

    Featuring the NYC skyline made out of a kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats:

    This hella adorable "Style" cake:

    Featuring that red lip, classic thing that you like:

    This deliciously cute cake that found its way "Out of the Woods":

    With two airplanes flyin', flyin':

    And this second, equally as stunning "Out of the Woods" cake:

    Which contrasts black and white with screaming color:

    This badass "Bad Blood" treat:

    That still has scars on its back from your knife:

    And finally, this brilliant "I Know Places" cake:

    Featuring your favorite foxes that run:

    So if your birthday is next month, or in approximately 291 days like me, now you know what to casually send to your friends to hint at your ~perfect~ cake.

    See even more insanely delicious Sprinkles for Breakfast treats here, or follow her on Instagram.

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