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25 Taylor Swift Fans Share All The Reasons They Stand With Taylor

"Because she helped me be happy with who I am, and taught me to love myself, even if others don't."

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Amidst a very ~dramatic~ week, Taylor Swift fans took to Twitter last night to show their support for the singer and share their favorite moments with her over the years.

❤️❤️ Today feels like a great day to hang out and spread the Swiftie love...Post your favorite Taylor moment using #IStandWithTaylor! ❤️❤️

Here are just a few of the reasons why Swifties stand by Taylor's side today and always:


#IStandWithTaylor because she's always spreading love and smiles to everyone around her💗


She meets us backstage, checks up on us online, invites us into her home and into her life 💘 #IStandWithTaylor


@taylornation13 she checked in on me when I was having a bad night, it's my turn to have her back #IStandWithTaylor


She actually took time to make my birthday the best ever 💕 #IStandWithTaylor @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #LOVE


@taylornation13 #IStandWithTaylor because she makes me forget about all of my troubles for a night with my friends


#IStandWithTaylor because not only will she never refuse a photo with us, she treats us like as a friend every time.


Because she taught me that knowing your worth sometimes comes without any proof at all. #IStandWithTaylor


#IStandWithTaylor because she helped me be happy with who I am, and taught me to love myself, even if others don't


When she wrote a song for a boy who died from cancer & donated the proceeds to cancer charities. #IStandWithTaylor


#IStandWithTaylor @taylornation13 she is amazing... her replies helped everyone ✨❤️


#IStandWithTaylor bc regardless of her busy schedule... she still took time out of her day to check on me.


6.23.16,The day that that I learnt angels walk among us and miracles do happen @taylornation13 #IStandWithTaylor


@taylornation13 when she invited me to her house to listen to her unreleased album. AND FED ME CHICKEN NUGGETS #IStandWithTaylor


she took time out of her busy day to type this out for me. #IStandWithTaylor @taylorswift13 @taylornation13


#IStandWithTaylor because everynight, during the 1989 tour, she would give us a heart filled speech about how important is to love yourself


Thanks for treating us like family n for being the best idol we couldve asked for. We got ur back! #IStandWithTaylor


#IStandWithTaylor bc this past year was really hard, & her music & all her past support really helped me through 💗


#IStandWithTaylor because she gives the best advice 💛 @taylornation13


#IStandWithTaylor because she taught me to not care about what people may think about me❤️ @taylornation13


She's been there for me through everything for the past 9 years & she's remained the same person #IStandWithTaylor


#IStandWithTaylor because she taught me that I'm not a opinion of somebody who doesn't know me. I'm not the product of my mistakes.


She taught me its okay to be unapologetic about who i am #IStandWithTaylor @taylornation13


@taylornation13 #IStandWithTaylor because she taught me that being kind is a good legacy to leave behind.


@taylornation13 that time she asked me if I was okay&then went back to my blog to check up on me 💓 #IStandWithTaylor


Her real fans know that nobody's perfect and we all make mistakes and need to be forgiven. That's why we stand with her. #IStandWithTaylor 💗

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