Someone Did A "This Is Us" Themed Wedding Shoot And It's So Damn Adorable


    Inspired by her obsession with the show, photographer Karen Rainier decided to do a very This Is Us-themed wedding shoot, and it'll make you feel emotional as hell.

    To go along with the show's back-and-forth nature, she included details from different times all throughout the Pearson's relationship. Naturally, the Terrible Towel and Rebecca's moon necklace make an important appearance:

    Some photos were shot outside to replicate the courthouse wedding...


    ...and others were captured inside an empty apartment to reflect the iconic anniversary scene.

    Including some heart-melting very Pearson-esque vows.

    And as an ode to Rebecca's "muffin" cupcake she made for Jack, their wedding dessert is this adorable little cupcake.

    Anyways, now I'm crying.

    If anyone decides to have a This Is Us-inspired wedding please mail me and Mandy Moore an invite, thanks!