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19 "PLL" Finale Tweets That Are Way Too Real

‘Cause two can’t keep a secret if YOU DON’T REVEAL "A" TONIGHT MARLENE KING I WILL RIOT.

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1. When you think about how far we have all come on this emotional journey.

I remember this scene like it was yesterday and now we are about to come #FAceToFace. Yes, I am v emotional

2. And that this is truly the beginning of the end.

so today is the last time we're gonna see the girls as teenagers... #facetofacewithA #FAcetoface

3. When you just know you're gonna be confused as hell.

#FAceToFace me finding out who A is

4. And you're pretty much prepared to collapse and faint once "A" is revealed.

This is me after the #FAceToFace @ABCFpll


5. When you spend five hours leading up to tonight's episode trying to solve the damn mystery.

Every PLL fan trying to wrap their head around tonights episode & who A is #FAceToFace #PLL

6. And you're certain you could now qualify as a certified member of the FBI.

Tonight episode of PLL in one pic #FAceToFace

7. When you're trying to keep it together all day but you CAN'T HANDLE THE SUSPENSE.

8. And you just need some time to yourself to sort through all of your emotions.

me waiting for pll to come on tonight #FAceToFace


9. When your sad, PLL-deprived friends just don't get it.

'It's only a show' 'Why do you care so much who A is' 'You're over reacting' Me: #FAceToFace #PLL

10. And you're truly not 😊 in 😊 the 😊 mood.

"It's just a show" "You're obsessed" "It doesn't even matter who A is" #ItsNoLie #FAceToFace

11. When there's finally just five minutes and counting until the finale and it feels like a DAMN ETERNITY.

Everyone waiting for tonight's Episode 😂 #FAceToFace

12. When you're prepared to have A LOT of questions at approximately 8:59 p.m. tonight.

me after the finale #FAceToFace


13. When you start gathering all of the necessary tools to accompany you during the finale.

The PLL summer finale starter pack #FAceToFace

14. Because you know that shit is about to go down.

Coming onto Twitter after A is revealed #FaceToFace

15. And you're honestly just expecting the worst.

#FAceToFace after watching the pll finale

16. When you start bracing yourself for the end.

"10 hours till we know who is A" #FAceToFace


17. And question whether it TRULY, ACTUALLY will be the end.

Next season #PrettyLittleLiars #FAceToFace

18. But you know no matter what, it's gonna be good. REALLY damn good.

This will be everyone's reactions when A is revealed tonight: #FAceToFace