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15 Perfect Tweets From Dylan Sprouse That'll Make You Laugh Out Loud

"The more I age the more I sympathize with the Grinch."

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1. This very real predicament:

Now that I'm not living with my dad how do I schedule dentist appointments

2. This truth:

The more I age the more I sympathize with the Grinch

3. This glorious dream:

.@HVRanch invited me to a ranch and pizza party and I went of course follow your fuckin dreams never let people tel…

4. This burn:

.@colesprouse I don't remember actually. I was too busy carrying the show on my back


5. This hilarious throwback:

6. This interesting perspective:

Every Y you add onto "hey" is a different layer of depression.

7. This valid truth:

Every man MUST have a flaw. That is why I don't trust Michael Bublé

8. This discovery:


9. This optimism:

All chaps can be assless if you carry scissors with you.

10. This cure:

11. This reality:

I will have full, hour long conversations with my dog but refuse to read even a page of a user manual

12. This tragedy:

And to make matters worse, that flyer didn't help our situation at all :(


13. This relatable truth:

What a beautiful California day outside that I wont let touch my skin at all

14. This important step in dating:

It's only a matter of time before any relationship degenerates to a trading of memes

15. And this bold statement:

I can bet that people who don't fold their pizza won't survive the apocalypse.