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    26 Perfect Tweets For Everyone Who's Obsessed With "Lady Bird"

    "The mother-daughter dress shopping scene in Lady Bird was just named Time Magazine's Person of the Year."

    Throughout the past few weeks, you might've noticed a little somethin' — everyone can't stop talking about the new coming-of-age movie Lady Bird.

    And rightfully so, because it's currently the most reviewed film to ever remain at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

    #LadyBird's record continues to climb! It's hit 185 reviews while remaining at 100% 🍅

    So naturally, everyone online had *a lot* to say about the film. Here are 26 of the funniest, most relatable tweets:


    Finally saw Lady Bird. After about an hour and a half the movie “ended” and “was over” which I thought was pretty rude


    The mother-daughter dress shopping scene in Ladybird was just named Time Magazine's Person of the Year.


    i felt more emotion listening to "crash into me" during lady bird than i did listening to it when i lost my virginity


    good morning, everyone. today is a great day to accept LADY BIRD as your lord and personal savior



    i'm on my way to see lady bird catch me buying all the tickets in the theater so i can admire saoirse ronan and timothée in peace


    lady bird is so damn educative and important and here's why:


    My phone is so cinematically and culturally advanced it keeps correcting “great” to “Greta.” #LadyBird



    im at a women's college right before finals, over half of us have seen lady bird, emotions are at an all time high


    Hi how are you, one for Lady Bird in IMAX 3D, thanks so much


    If you stay till end credits of “Ladybird,” you will see me crying in the movie theatre longing for something more in life


    Greta wearing a prom dress to direct the prom scene in LADY BIRD is god-tier.


    .@Wendys officially has a better take on LADY BIRD than some people I know.


    the correlation between who just watched Lady Bird and who's blowing up the spotify friend activity with Dave Matthews


    I’m trynna marry the indie boy from lady bird so hard, pls help me and give me money. Gofundme link in bio 😪🙏🏼


    I had a Lady Bird themed dream last night and by that I mean I had a dream where I cried and told my mom how much I appreciated her.


    I finally saw ladybird it’s fine I’m totally fine


    Lady Bird was the real deal because right after my mom saw it she called me and said, please don't write a movie about us.


    Tfw Lady Bird sees directly into your teenage soul and forgives you for your romantic choices


    I just finished #LadyBird and my face hurts from all the dried salt on it.


    my kink is timothée repeatedly saying “that’s hella tight” in lady bird


    Hello. You can officially add me to the "I'm In My 30s And Lady Bird Wrecked Me Beyond Belief" list.


    spent an hour with my therapist discussing whether or not I could handle seeing Lady Bird again


    locked myself in a bathroom stall after lady bird ended and wept silently into the sleeves of my denim jacket


    In conclusion, this is me for the foreseeable future: