16 Times One Direction's "Night Changes" Video Was The Best Thing To Ever Happen To You

    This is what it's like to go on a date with every member of One Direction. #Blessed

    Every time you think One Direction can't possibly get any better, they come in and knock the breath out of you, leaving you curled up on the floor in a ball of tears overwhelmed by their pure perfection.

    So clearly when they dropped their new video for "Night Changes," we expected to ring the fangirl alarm loud and clear. But what we got was something far beyond what we could have ever imagined: A DATE WITH EVERY MEMBER OF ONE DIRECTION.

    Grab a pint of Ben & Jerry's, get out your tissues, and take a look at the most tear-inducing, life-changing, swoon-worthy moments.

    1. When Liam bought you candy apples at the fair:

    2. And let you pick out whatever prize your little heart desired:

    3. When Zayn took you on a romantic, fancy dinner date:

    4. And gazed at you so sweetly you felt it deep within your soul:

    5. When Harry helped you tie your skates:

    6. And taught you how to spin like a professional:

    7. When Liam took a selfie with you and told you it was beautiful:

    8. And gave you his scarf to keep you warm:

    9. When Louis took you on a romantic, scenic drive through the park:

    10. And sweetly held your hand while on a walk:

    11. When Niall made you a delicious cup of hot chocolate by the fire:

    12. And let you win at Monopoly:

    13. When Zayn fed you spaghetti, and sweetly wiped the spot of food off your chin:

    14. And toasted to your beautiful relationship:

    15. When Niall played you a sweet tune on the guitar:

    16. And cuddled with the most fuzzy puppy that exists:

    But all four minutes are actual perfection, so watch the entire "Night Changes" video below:

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