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Flaca And Maritza From "OITNB" Take The BuzzFeed BFF Test

They get an A for effort.

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We've all become obsessed with Diane Guerrero and Jackie Cruz — AKA best friends Maritza and Flaca on Orange Is The New Black. And while #Flaritza have proven to be serious Friendship Goals on-screen, we decided to put the two stars to the test to see how well they *actually* know each other IRL. Let's just say, things didn't go so well...

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Jackie tried to guess Diane's biggest pet peeve and was pretty off base:


Jackie Cruz: Shit, yours is way long!

Diane Guerrero: What?!

JC: [shows notepad] Coffee breath...

DG: Oh, I do hate coffee breath! But that's, for you...

JC: That's what you hate about me. I didn't know! But I did get a mint today.

DG: We're not — I just thought we were best friends...

JC: We're not in tune!

DG: I thought we were right here but we're not right here, wow.

Diane was pretty confident about Jackie's favorite movie, but didn't quite hit the mark:


JC: Oh, come on!

[shows answers]


DG: Pretty Woman? I know, you're right. I should've known that.

JC: I do love Selena, but, Pretty Woman.

DG: I know, it's your favorite movie.

JC: Okay, she knew that one.

They battled (and failed) once again over Diane's guilty pleasure:


DG: You know what my guilty pleasure is!


DG: Let me see! Bob's Burger[s]...

JC: Just because you love to watch Bob's Burger[s].

DG: I do! I do. But that's not like, I'm not guilty about it. I'm very proud.

JC: Junk food?!

DG: Yeah! You've seen me like, scarf down Doritos and that stuff and the soda.

JC: Yeah but, you don't feel guilty after though!

DG: Yes I do.

JC: I didn't know she felt guilty.

DG: I feel guilty sometimes about it.

But then when it came down to Jackie's celebrity crush, they finally nailed it:


JC: Oh, you know this.

DG: I do?!

[shows answers]

JC: YAY!!!


But hey, true friendship comes from the heart, not from some hard AF exam!!! May #Flaritza live happily ever after.

Jojo Whilden / Netflix

Catch Jackie and Diane in Orange Is The New Black when season 5 hits Netflix Friday, June 9!

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