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Milo Ventimiglia Revealed What He'd Write On Jack's Gravestone And It'll Destroy You

"To Do List: 1. Call my dad. 2. Google if can I take bereavement leave for a fictional character."

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Okay so it's only been a few hours since This Is Us finally aired the episode of ALL episodes...

...and if you're anything like me, you're probably still recovering from the emotional turmoil we endured after finally learning the truth about Jack Pearson's death.

To Do List: 1. Call my dad. 2. Google if can I take bereavement leave for a fictional character. #ThisIsUs

But apparently that gut-wrenching feeling isn't gonna go away anytime soon, and especially not after reading Milo Ventimiglia's new interview with Entertainment Weekly.


First of all, he explains that Mandy Moore didn't even know he'd be laying in the hospital bed during the scene in which she walks in and finally realizes he's gone.

First off, I had to lay as still as I could because poor Mandy Moore, she did not know that I was going to be laying there [in the hospital bed]. She didn’t know that I was going to be there. I think she thought she was walking into a blank room, and walking in on me, not knowing that the shot was also picking up my reflection, dead-still. So that was — it was a moment. And I can hear her; I’m laying there and I can hear Mandy breaking down and just crumbling, take after take after take. I wanted to give her the space and lay there, still, not moving. We even filmed bits where she would walk up to me, and I’m just laying there staring at a point on the wall, barely breathing, but having to feel her over me or near me — just losing Jack.


Cool, now my casual, light sobs are turning into full, can't-catch-my-breath guttural sobs.


And even more tragically and bittersweet, Milo reveals what he'd put as a tribute on Jack Pearson's tombstone and it's too damn perfect:

Jack died as he lived — in service of his family.

Have you ever read a sentence more beautiful or more synonymous with the most incredible TV dad to ever exist?


Anyway, please join me in full official mourning for the remainder of 2018 as we try to remind ourselves that this is a fictional family and not real life. Bye!

Read the full interview at Entertainment Weekly.