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Maroon 5 Crashed A Bunch Of Weddings To Perform "Sugar" And The Reactions Are Priceless

Your new favorite wedding guest: Adam Levine in a tux.

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For their latest single "Sugar," Maroon 5 decided to team up with Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin to literally crash a bunch of weddings, and then film it all for their music video.

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The guys set off across L.A. on Dec. 6 to surprise some lucky brides and grooms with a performance of the new track.

They snuck into the venues:

Set up a stage behind a white sheet:

And shocked the hell out of some bridal parties.

Who all pretty much freaked out, because even if you're not a major Maroon 5 fan, who wouldn't be psyched for a free concert* at their wedding?

*And by concert, I mean getting the chance to stare at Adam Levine IRL.

Watch every heartwarming moment in the music video, below:

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Disclaimer: It's unclear whether these were all staged or actual, real weddings that they crashed, but either way it's super adorable.

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