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Blake Lively Looks Like A Damn Goddess Walking Down The Streets Of NYC

How is it humanly possible to be this perfect?

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Blake Lively is back in NYC on a press tour to promote her new film Cafe Society, which means we get a ton of new pictures of her looking like a damn fashion queen with the world's cutest baby bump.

Here she is looking like she's getting ready to walk down the runway at NYFW but instead she's just chilling in her hotel room staring out at some buildings.

Instagram: @blakelively

This is what I also casually look like when I ask my friend to take a picture of me. Same.

Her hair is literally radiating like it was made up of a thousand suns and spun together by angels. Also, can we talk about this bag??? I don't even know what's happening here but I want it.


Forget the damn doughnut, LOOK AT THOSE SHOES.

Instagram: @blakelively