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Jake Gyllenhaal Jumping Rope Is Weirdly Adorable

He's so damn adorable.

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Jake Gyllenhaal stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about his upcoming film Southpaw — in which he plays a ridiculously fit boxer — and Ellen, being the hero that she is, had Gyllenhaal jump rope while answering some rapid fire questions.

The Ellen Show

They had a bit of a disagreement right off the bat:

The Ellen Show
The Ellen Show

But then he revealed he's a bit of a Britney stan:

The Ellen Show

And vaguely familiar with reality TV:

The Ellen Show

Most importantly, he shows off his A+ ~athletic skills~:

The Ellen Show

Which will be coming soon to a theater near you:

Hi. Hello. Yes.

Watch Jake G in all his jump-roping glory in the full clip below:

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