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Hilary Duff Explains How To Get Her Badass Teal Hair

And her tips for scoring mermaid teal locks.

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Apart from being an actual icon, Hilary Duff is a down-to-earth, normal twenty-something like the rest of us. Which means she's not immune to those moments where you just want to be ~spontaneous and wild~.

So naturally, after having that urge to do something crazy while on a trip to Mexico, she came home and dyed her hair teal:



And sometimes a spontaneous, fun change is all you need to remind yourself that you're a badass:


But Hils recommends not starting out with a mega-bright color:


And if you don't want to *damage* your hair, she suggests trying out a stain, instead of bleaching and dyeing it:


~The more you know~

Watch her full chat with MTV News in the clip below:

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