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    27 Unforgettable Hilary Duff Moments That Made Up Your Childhood

    In honor of the legend's 27th birthday this weekend.

    Between her movies, TV shows and song lyrics, Hilary Duff always said exactly what you were feeling.


    Here are some of her greatest moments on-screen and off!

    1. When she kept it real about her feelings:

    2. When she reminded you to ~be in the moment~:

    3. When she understood your relationship frustrations:


    Preach, girl.

    4. When she totally related to your moments of self-doubt:

    5. When she gave you the perfect line for jerks:


    Ain't nobody got time for that.

    6. When she spoke the truth:


    Internet > IRL.

    7. When she inspired you to keep fighting the good fight:

    8. When she understood the struggles of getting dressed:

    Disney Channel / Via

    Every girl every single morning ever.

    9. When she reminded you to never give up:

    10. When she told off the mean girls like you always wanted to:


    11. When she gave you the ultimate #inspirational advice:

    12. When she made you REALLY want colored highlights:


    13. When she understood your end-of-the-week feels:


    14. When her beautiful friendships inspired you:


    Lizzie & Gordo 4EVER.

    15. When she made you wish you had a swoon-worthy secret admirer:

    16. When she gave powerful music advice:


    The answer is yes.

    17. When she made you wish you were friends with Casper:


    The coolest ghost of all ghosts.

    18. When she made you want to try that whole ~make out in the rain~ thing:



    19. When she understood the importance of holidays:

    20. When she made you wish you were an Italian pop star:

    21. When her alter ego understood your gym struggles:

    22. When she gave you subtweet ideas for that one jerk you hate:

    23. When she got sassy with her haters:

    24. When her family got her on nerves and you were like #same:

    25. When she made you consider becoming a cadet:

    26. When her alter ego figured out the ingredients to a perfect Friday night:


    All you really need in life, tbh.

    27. When she made you really appreciate your best friends:


    ~Friends are family you choose for yourself~

    Thank you, queen Hilary, for giving us our childhood, our life, our very existence.



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