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Gina Rodriguez Used Her Fake Pregnant Belly To Skip The Chipotle Line

Brilliance at its finest.

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Gina Rodriguez, the Golden Globe award winning star of Jane the Virgin, had to spend a lot of time with a prosthetic belly while filming her hit show.

But the fake belly wasn't exactly an easy quick removal when she needed to run some mid-day errands, or pop out for lunch.


But like the rest of us, she'd go to great lengths to get the holy and sacred Chipotle she wanted. Even if that meant showing up with a fake pregnant belly.


And that's when Rodriguez realized it could be extremely beneficial. Because is there anything truly greater than being able to cut the Chipotle line?


👏 🙌 👏 🙌 👏

Truly, truly brilliant.

Watch the entire hilarious interview in the clip below:

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