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Elle Fanning Says Bryan Cranston Is As Amazing As We All Think He Is

"He is SO great, it's crazy!"

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We went from fan to borderline obsessed after Bryan Cranston captivated us all on Breaking Bad for 5 incredible years.

And if you've gone into a bit of Cranston Withdrawal, he's now back on the big screen playing Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo in the new period drama, Trumbo.

Bleecker Street

We got the chance to chat with Elle Fanning — who plays Cranston's daughter in the film — at the Toronto International Film Festival, and she pretty much confirmed what we've thought all along: he's insanely incredible on-screen and off.

Bryan was just, he's so great it's crazy! And just how he became that character and, you know, even with his voice and movements and he had to age as well, and how he took that form, he's incredible. But also, I learned he's the nicest guy as well.
We were doing this scene where he's on this stage and he's talking and in between takes, there were a lot of extras, and he would be in his Dalton Trumbo voice and he'd be telling all these jokes to everyone! It was just like, that's how you should be, I think. So I learned from that.

But in short, she can sum all of his greatness up in one word:


We wouldn't expect anything less.

Trumbo is now playing in theaters everywhere!

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